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Meet Jakob Cobian

Jakob Cobian

Jakob Cobian

Sales Associate

I have been around real estate since I was in elementary school, and while some people growing up learning a second language, my second language is Real Estate! All the negotiations, strategies, and processes used in Real Estate have been within earshot in even my most formative of years.
My wonderful mom, Debbie Cobian, a real estate agent, has helped me discover the business for myself and has been an excellent mentor and a valued teammate. I am blessed to have learned from the best!
Using my expertise, experience, and most of all, empathy, my commitment to my clients are to anticipate needs in an everchanging environment. If there is a question, I have an answer. If there is a surprise, I have a solution. My goal is to make every call, text, or email one step closer to reaching your goals. I strive to have an exhaustive knowledge of all aspects of my market. I am consistently seeking out new and challenging experiences to make sure that the value I bring to every transaction is ever-increasing. There is not a project that I will shy away from. I have successfully negotiated deals on everything from vacant lots and rentals to first-time homes and lakefronts. Each one had a learning experience that I bring to the table today, If I run into a “no,” I turn it into a “know!”
I love to spend my free time exploring the area with my amazing girlfriend, Lucero. We pursue new experiences together and meet new people along the way. We love to be outdoors and enjoy all that Wisconsin has to offer. We are at home when we are at the lake, the state parks, and concerts. We have dedicated our lives to taking the road less traveled, we want to see everything there is to see across the United States and abroad! Together we have a cat named Nooby, although she has a myriad of nicknames that change daily. She is as spoiled as they come!
I look forward to being a part of some of your most important and exciting decisions: buying your family’s dream home, creating your wealth plan using Real Estate, and making your dreams come true!

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Focusing on a holistic approach to selling real estate, our goal is to appreciate our client's mind, body, and spirit when making life-changing financial and life-changing decisions. Let me know how we can help your family.  


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